Vpnify is a well-known VPN proxy that works on mobile devices. They boast more than 10 million Android application downloads and the service has a 4.3 rating in 600,000 reviews. This isn’t bad considering that the app has an affordable and premium level. You can guess that the free option is supported by ads. You can pay just a few dollars per month to get rid of the ads or utilize the service at no cost. The question is how secure is VPNify? Are the VPN quick and reliable? Are the ads annoying to those who would like to have unlimited access to their networks? We’ll answer these queries and much more within our comprehensive review of VPNify.

Let’s begin by taking an overview of the business behind Vpnify. You should depend on your VPN provider because you’ll be transmitting your information through their network. We were unable to find much information about the business. The Apple App Store lists the developer as a Neonetworks solution and that is why the Google App Store lists an address in Hong Kong. A quick search revealed another application, Alps VPN, with the same physical address. It is believed that Neonetworks was launched in September of the year 2019. Based on an investigation report Neonetworks’ director is a Chinese citizen who has the address of China’s Anhui Province.

VPNify Pricing in Google Play and Apple App Store

VPNify is a free application for free, as you’re comfortable with the advertisements and restrictions. There will be to see a lot of advertisements when using the trial version. This doesn’t serve the purpose of a lot of people who use the VPN. We don’t want to have our personal information collected or advertisements targeted at our online activity. We downloaded the vpnify application on Google Play and tried the premium version for three days. If you decide to use this, make sure that you cancel the subscription at the time you’re not willing to pay for this service. If you do not, you’ll be charged $30 per calendar year VPN service. You can also subscribe to premium service for $4.99 per month. This gives users ad-free access as well as the capability to use the app on a wider range of devices. You also get prioritised support as well as AdBlock while using the VPN.

Vpnify Usage and Features

Luckily, vpnify has done well in making its apps simple to use. In the screenshots, you will see everything clearly marked. You can choose to use a server or let the application select the one that is best for you. Unfortunately, the app has only a few options to mention. It provides the shut-down switch and split tunneling and connects on boot however, there’s no information on the VPN protocols they employ. There is no way of knowing whether their protocols are safe or not. Furthermore, the speed we experienced on tests of speed below makes us question the validity of this free service.

Does Vpnify Leak?

In every VPN we test for security, it is important to test the DNS or geolocation testing is crucial. It is possible to put yourself in danger in the event that the VPN you’re using doesn’t provide you with security. There are two primary things that we check for when we test this type of test. The tests are “Does it show my true IP address?” and the second one concerns “Does the geo-location test show where I really am?” In this example, vpnify passed both tests. Although it shows a variety of attempts to Google and Cisco We consider them to be safe DNS providers. DNS.

Is Vpnify Fast?

Since we’re making use of the trial version, we were having very low expectations in terms of server speed is concerned. However the speeds we experienced exceeded our expectations. Our usual speed is 458 Mbps if we don’t connect to an VPN. In this case, the speed we received was at 128Mbps. Although that is 72% of a speed decrease this is more than a number of other free options.

Other locations and speeds we tried were:

  • London – 117 Mbps
  • Germany – 241 Mbps
  • Netherlands – 109 Mbps

How Well Does Vpnify Unblock Streaming Services?

In the test, we tested three streaming platforms to test how this service performed. These included BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. In this first photo it is clear that we’re connected, and functioning successfully BBC iPlayer.

Unfortunately, Netflix was not quite as accommodating to us. As you can see, Netflix failed immediately when we launched the application. It’s not ideal for anyone who wants to stream Netflix with this VPN.

The test we did last week was a surprise since when we tested Amazon Prime region-specific content, it worked with the app, as you can see here.

Customer Service

In contrast to other free VPNs, Vpnify offers a variety of choices. There is a group on the most popular chat application Telegram as well as an email address as well as a FAQ section and even an online form for contact. If you’re having trouble setting up your account the best option is to join using the Telegram group. It’s because they don’t provide a time frame for how long you might need to wait for an answer if you encounter an issue.


We discovered that vpnify has several good and bad points. Its strengths include a limited but efficient list of countries with split tunneling, as well as the kill switch option. We also discovered that the pricing for premium services is affordable, it was able to pass the leak and test for location, and the speeds are decent for a service that is free. This brings us to the negatives. The company has failed to unlock Netflix. When you consider their lack of transparency regarding its VPN security protocols it’s time to think about how secure it is. The advertisements are irritating, even for a service that is free as well as, with the background of the company being a mystery, there’s no way to know what’s happening behind the background. Although it has been a success for the majority of test, however, we don’t recommend this service. There are other options on the market and they have excellent results.