These restrictions on apps, websites, or games are making users insane. LightSail VPN is an effective software for those who want to gain access to content that is geo-restricted or blocked.

The VPN offers the same features that any other proxy service would. But this VPN comes with fully functional features that perform according to the promises. The proxy client comes with security at the bank level, great and extremely fast servers, and unlimited usage, and safe browsing. LightSail VPN is an excellent proxy service that is high-quality and free with no in-app purchases. To enjoy the greatness of this VPN you’ll need to endure the ad-hoc advertisements that make up the cost of using it. However, the proxy client is worth the effort.

Brief Description of LightSail VPN

If you want to connect to a blocked or restricted application, game, or video you need to open LightSail VPN and click on the icon with the word “ON”. The powerful proxy client will instantly alter your internet address to a different location via connecting you with a server located in a different location. This allows you to get around any restrictions and access the game, application, or site.

It is also possible to use the VPN to safeguard yourself when traveling or wherever you’re required to connect to the Wifi network in public. It is highly recommended to do this because LightSail VPN also shields the public networks, ensuring that your information and online activity are secure.

Why Install LightSail VPN

  • Enjoy speedy and stable internet when you connect to a speedy server.
  • Unrestricted access to games, applications and websites.
  • Watch unblock TV shows, films or live sports on the internet. media content.
  • To bypass firewalls, browse with the disguised identity.
  • It supports the use of a DNS proxy to guard the integrity of your DNS queries from being leaked.
  • Utilize private Wifi network data, without worrying about privacy invasion.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • No registrations or credit cards are required.
  • Free! !
  • No time limit in any way.
  • Simple and effective interface.
  • Unlimited ultrafast servers around the globe.

Download LightSail VPN: Using Bluestacks AndroidEmulator:

  1. In this way we will be using Bluestacks Android Emulator for PC. It is possible to download Bluestacks from the their official website in case you face any issue downloading and setting up Bluestacks in Windows. See our Guide for Bluestacks.
  2. Open your Bluestacks.exe file and begin your installation. If your system requires authorization, give it the trust. It will begin downloading files and then extract them from the system. All you require is a reliable and fast Internet connection. If you’re using data, make sure to check your file prior to downloading. Because these files are huge and heavy, they will require a lot of time.
  3. Create a brand new Google ID or if you already have one, then add it to Bluestacks. This will allow you to easily transfer your data and all apps that you’re using will appear on your PC via Bluestacks.
  4. Start Bluestacks and then go into the menu in which you can find the Google Play Store app. Start it, and then search “LightSail VPN”. Then, install the application.
  5. LightSail VPN Windows is ready to go. Just open the app on your desktop and use it with one hand.