These restrictions on apps, websites or games are making people insane. LightSail VPN is a trusted software user who needs to access restricted or geo-restricted content.

The VPN has the same features that other proxy services would. But this VPN has fully functional features that function according to the promises. The proxy client provides security at the bank level, great and extremely fast servers, and without limits for use and safe browsing. LightSail VPN is an excellent quality proxy service and completely free, with no in-app purchases. However, to fully experience the benefits of this VPN it is necessary to endure the ad-hoc advertisements that make up the cost of using it. However, the proxy client is worth the effort.

Brief Description of LightSail VPN

Each time you need to connect to a blocked or censored game, application or video simply open the LightSail VPN and click on the large icon that says “ON”. The amazing proxy client will instantly alter your internet address to another one via connecting to the server in a different area. In this way, you will be able to overcome any limitations and access the app, game, or website.

You can also utilize the VPN to protect yourself while traveling or wherever you’re required to connect to the Wifi network in public. This is recommended since LightSail VPN also shields the public networks, ensuring that your information and online activity are secure.

Why Install LightSail VPN

  • Enjoy fast, reliable and smooth internet connection by connecting to a fast server.
  • Unrestricted access to games, apps and websites.
  • Watch unblock television shows, films live sports, or additional media-related content.
  • To bypass firewalls, browse using an anonymous identity.
  • It supports the use of a DNS proxy to shield the integrity of your DNS queries from leakage.
  • Use the secure open WIFI network data without worrying about intrusion of privacy.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • No registrations, credit cards , or subscriptions are required.
  • Absolutely free! !
  • There are no time limits whatsoever.
  • Simple and efficient interface.
  • Unlimited ultrafast servers around the globe.

How do I install LightSail’s VPN for Windows PC Windows 10/8/7, Windows 10 and Mac Laptop?

To download this Android-based application for PC or Mac Laptop you will require an Android emulator. Since it is the sole method that allows users to install any of their android applications to PC Windows and Mac OS. We will be using Bluestacs as well as Nox App Player. However, you could use other methods also. Follow the steps and you can enjoy LightSail VPN tools at no cost.


The First Step Download Bluestacks and Install on your PC

For the use of LightSail’s VPN on your computer, you will need to get a Bluestacks Android emulator. If you aren’t familiar with the installation procedure that is included in Bluestacs then you are able to get Bluestacks that comes with the complete installation process from this. If you’re familiar with Bluestacks and aren’t interested in detail, then download Bluestacks directly via Bluestacks’ Official website that is Bluestacks.

Step 2 Step Two: Log in and run the HTML0 application using Bluestacks

Run and start Bluestacks from your mobile device. login using the Play Store. To access the Play Store, you need to create the email address as well as password as well as be in agreement with the Terms and Conditions. Your Play Store app is now ready to download any Android application.

Step Four: Search LightSail VPN in Play Store

Start the Play Store from Bluestacks main menu, and type ” LightSail VPN” in the search bar. Choose the application from the list provided and then click install. Hoxx VPN can be set up in just a few minutes.

Step Five: Open LightSail VPN on PC
Once you have LightSail VPN is installed, you can access it via Bluestacks home screen as well as the system desktop. You can also use the security tools available on a bigger screen on your PC.

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