Install DewVPN for your computer and browse the internet with no fear. Because internet browsing isn’t secure due to hackers ISPs, and government surveillance. Not just that, many countries have banned certain websites due to security concerns. You must be getting frustrated with the excellent internet firewalls. However, you don’t have to be concerned about it any longer as a variety of applications as well as VPN applications are available on the world of the internet, which allows users to rid of firewalls easily.

Due to the huge demand for VPN there are thousands of VPNs are launched in the market. However, this doesn’t mean that all VPNs are safe and reliable to use. There are plenty of VPN scams that will not just cause harm to your device, but take your personal information that they could later misuse. However, don’t be discouraged since we’re about to present you with a wonderful app called DewVPN which is a real and functional VPN one of the few legitimate VPNs available on the market. We will describe to you the ways DewVPN is designed for Windows different features will benefit you, and also what you can do to get DewVPN for your PC, Windows 10/8/7, and macOS at no cost.

What is DewVPN?

DewVPN is among the best and most reliable completely free VPNs that allow users to surf the web securely and safely using high-speed. It offers unlimited and free VPN services, including high-end encryption of 256 bits, and offers access to all content that is restricted globally. Privacy is their top priority, which is why they have a zero-log policy. This means that they’re not collecting any user information even if they don’t know what you’re doing on the internet. Overall, this VPN lets you surf the web with complete freedom.

Why Use DewVPN?

There are many benefits to choosing DewVPN, which set it apart from the rest. DewVPN enables you to:

Blazing Fast Speed and Stability:

If you’re fed up with a slow connection, you should try DewVPN which offers remarkable speed and stability. This VPN will never allow you to disconnect your connection and allow you to connect to a network with no delay. Since the DewVPN network can provide 1Gbit connectivity speed across all its servers, ensuring the fastest speed connection. They also provide speed tests that let you select the most speedy VPN server to connect to.

Access to Blocked Apps and Site:

DewVPN allows you to access all restricted websites and applications at no cost all the time. It is no longer necessary to be concerned about restricted content or what geographic location you’re in. DewVPN is not just able to access your most-loved content but allows you to get around geo-restrictions, censorship, as well as access to every social media, account like, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more for free. DewVPN can also help you remove other blocked sites from localities too.

Unlimited Free VPN:

The most appealing thing about DewVPN is that it’s the fact that it is completely cost with any VPN service. You will find hundreds of VPNs applications that charge the most for their trusted VPN services. However, some of them are free, but they are all secure and reliable. DewVPN is among them, and it is secure and completely free. This VPN shields you from third-party hackers and lets you access the content you love without having to create an account. Additionally, DweVPN is free for commercial use. If you intend to use the app for commercial use, you must sign up for DewVPN. The premium subscription lets you access a strong network for the price of a moderate cost.

Privacy & Protection:

DewVPN protects your privacy and offers you the best security 256-bit encryption that is military-grade. This VPN allows you to surf the internet anonymously and not be traced. Because DewVPN hides your real IP behind a fake IP. All your browsing history is confidential with DewVPN. This VPN also provides DNS Leak Protection, WebRTC Leak Protection as well as IPv6 Leak Protection. So when you switch on Dew VPN, your IP Internet traffic is safe.

Access Global Servers:

This VPN provides access to over 50 countries as well as more than a hundred VPN server sites. DewVPN acts as an international server, allowing users to connect to any nation via the fastest VPN server. There is without restriction on switching locations also.

Main Features of DewVPN

DewVPN offers a range of other important add-ons that are in addition to the above-mentioned ones. These features are

  • DewVPN is quick and user-friendly.
  • Connect in a single click.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, with no limit on sessions.
  • Connect to WiFi networks in a secure manner.
  • This app works with every internet connections.
  • Support canvas fingerprinting.
  • This feature in the app split tunneling lets you choose which application you want to use as a VPN and which one goes through the local network.
  • All devices are compatible such as, Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.
  • It’s completely available for free on all platforms.
  • The power consumption of this app is quite small for every device.

User Reviews

The majority of DewVPN users’ reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. This app offers an amazing VPN service for free which other VPNs are unable to offer. A lot of users who visited the site stated that the application is extremely user-friendly and ideal for watching videos or playing online games. Additionally, a few users mentioned that DewVPN is fast and has no bandwidth limits, and is accessible across any device. If you encounter any issues, you can reach out to DewVPN team via email, and they will resolve your issue promptly.

How to Download DewVPN for PC, Windows 10/8/7/Xp/Vista, and Mac Laptop?

A lot of VPNs are designed for android devices and are officially not compatible with PCs. But DewVPN is now accessible for all devices. At present, Windows, as well as macOS customers, can install the app using an Android emulator. All you need to do is visit the official website to download DewVPN to download the app. Windows users can click on the Windows version, and Mac users will be able to download the Mac version. To install the entire process, read the following section and you can surf the web without limits.

Download DewVPN for PC

The first step is to install the DewVPN file

To begin, visit your web site of DewVPN to click on the Install Button just like the below image. Windows users click on Windows version, and Mac users click on the Mac version. We will download this VPN for Windows.

Step Two: Open DewVPN .exe file

After the DewVPN file is downloaded successfully, you can open the .exe file on your download or desktop and let the program modify your computer by pressing the”Yes” button.

Step Three: Install DewVPN in PC

If you’re able start the .exe file on your computer and click the Install button like the picture below. Wait for it to download. DewVPN can be downloaded in just a few moments and will work on Windows as well as macOS.

Step Four: Open DewVPN on Windows

After DewVPN is successfully downloaded, its icon will be displayed on your computer. Launch DewVPN by double-clicking then select the desired server and then click on the ON button. DewVPN is ready to utilize your services. Enjoy browsing the internet without losing your data, and ensure your privacy with DewVPN.

Final Words

To conclude, we could affirm that DewVPN is the solution to all of your internet issues. Cybercrime is prevalent nowadays, and safe surfing isn’t possible. A good VPN can protect you from cyber-crime while allowing you to browse securely. With DewVPN you are able to access restricted content, with lightning-fast speed and a reliable connection. We hope that you be able to use this content to you and that it will serve you in every way. Thanks!