Why You Need to Hide Your IP Address

Hide Your IP Address

Every device that you connect to the Internet has an IP address. Your IP address is like your public ID on the internet. Without an IP address, you cannot receive or send data on the Internet. Your IP address is a string of numbers that is unique to the internet connection and can be traced back to you.

However, your IP address can also be used by hackers and cybercriminals to keep a track of your online activity. Thus, it is a good idea to protect yourself by hiding the IP address.  

Here’s why you want to hide your IP address:

Bypass geographical restrictions

Content and websites are often blocked in certain countries and regions. If you want to enjoy streaming blocked content and visiting websites that are not available in your country, a VPN that can hide your IP address will do this job for you.  

Protect your online activity

By using your IP address, your ISP and the spying eyes will track your online activities and collect your private data. And you may feel bothered by their customized ads based on the collected data.   

Hide your location

Your IP address allows others to track your location even if you turn off the location service on your device. Because information about your location is included in your IP address. For this reason, hiding your location is probably the most common reason to hide the IP address.   

Stay secure on public WiFi

Hackers and cybercriminals often perform attacks through public WiFi networks because there are more vulnerabilities that they can exploit to track users online and collect their private data. To enhance your security on public WiFi networks, you need to hide your IP address.  

Therefore, you should consider hiding your IP address while you are surfing the Internet. RitaVPN is a good choice.

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