Why Some Websites are Blocked?

blocked websites

There are times that you come across a website block. You may wonder why are they blocked. Let’s continue to see more details about the reason why there are blocked websites.

Internet censorship

The government uses Internet censorship to block content and websites that pose a threat to itself. China is a good example as the most popular sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix are blocked. The Internet also has a great impact on big events like election riots and protests. To avoid this, the government needs to adopt Internet censorship.

Copyright protection

Downloading copyrighted material invades the interests of the copyright owner. For example, Netflix provides services according to your IP address. Thus, the content available in the US may not accessible to you when you are in India. To protect copyright, it is a good idea to set Internet restrictions. Besides, if an employee uses the office WiFi to download torrent illegally, the company will be involved in a legal issue.  

Improve productivity

Websites like social media can reduce the productivity of students as well as employees. As students and employees rely more on the Internet to do their jobs, they can be easily distracted by other things that have nothing to do with study or work at the same time. Blocking certain websites will help them focus on study or work, which will effectively improve their productivity.

Keep students safe online

The Internet provides useful information for students as well as inappropriate content, including pornography, violence, illegal behavior, etc. The most effective way to keep students safe online is to filter the content and websites available to them.

Avoid confidential data breach  

When an employee visits a compromised website or downloads a file that contains malware, this employee will expose the company to cyber attacks and data breaches. To effectively avoid being a victim of confidential data breaches, it is essential for the company to set WiFi network filters.

A VPN download can help you get around geo-blocking.

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