Top 3 Secure Messaging Apps

Top 3 Secure Messaging Apps

There are many messaging apps on the market. But secure messaging apps differ from others because they adopt encryption technology to secure your communication and data. They ensure that only the user you send the text can read it through that message.

So, we strongly recommend you use the best secure messaging apps while sharing some confidential information. Here are 3 best secure messaging apps for you.


Wire is an instant messenger application designed by Wire Swiss. It promises compliance with all EU privacy laws. It is accessible on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Windows, macOS, as well as internet client options, which work on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

The mobile phone number is not mandatory. It allows the users to sign up with a mailing address and password. It offers both premium plans and free plans, which are intended to provide support for its growth and operating costs.


Wickr is among the oldest security-focused applications and the best secure messaging apps. It supports video calls, messaging, device-wide synchronization, and photo sharing.

It’s open-source and does not collect data or documents from the user. It also provides a “shredder” feature that deletes all messages and materials that have ever been exchanged on the platform automatically.

The Wickr networking protocol supports end-to-end encryption with complete forward confidentiality. Besides, the mobile phone number is not required to use this app.


The distinguishing feature of Telegram is its multi-platform service introduced by two German-based brothers in 2013, with not just iPhone, but also Windows OS X, Windows Phone, and Linux.

With the capacity to handle a wide variety of files, it appears more like an email substitution cloud messaging system and stable communications for teams with free streaming to up to 200 people.

Users are not identified by their mobile numbers but only by username. It means that friends never need to remember your mobile number while using Telegram, a messaging tool that is similar to a social networking site.

Unblock secure messaging apps with VPN 

It is true that these secure messaging apps might not be available in some countries. Thus, a VPN is needed to bypass geo-restrictions. In addition, you also need to enhance your data security while surfing the Internet. When you use a VPN while browsing websites, there will be a VPN tunnel that protects your requests and data from being intercepted by hackers.

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