RitaVPN’s Halloween Deal Saves up to 55%

RitaVPN's Halloween Deal Saves up to 55%

There are many tricks on the Internet. You shouldn’t be too careful about your online security and privacy. If you take no protection to your Internet connection, you will become an easy target for cybercriminals. Many VPN service providers are offering treats to their users. But the most attractive VPN deal that saves the most money for you is RitaVPN. Buy RitaVPN’s 1-year plan at only $59.99 now!!!

Highlights of RitaVPNs Halloween deal

Lowest price per month: starts at $1.99 per month

The most favorable plan: 1-year plan at $59.99

Special Halloween plan: first month of the auto-renewable plan at $1.99

Time: from October 29th to November 4th (only 7 days)

RitaVPN is promoting its 1-year plan that is 55% off. If you are considering using a VPN to access blocked content and prevent your privacy from being compromised, we advise you to subscribe to RitaVPN’s 1-year plan which only costs you $5.00 every month. That is just a cup of drink. Your private data is worth more than that.

If you spend more time on your mobile devices, RitaVPN’s auto-renewable plan is a good choice, especially that RitaVPN gives you a special Halloween deal for the auto-renewable plan. The first month of this plan saves you up to 82%.

Special features of RitaVPN 

RitaVPN takes your security seriously and therefore, does not leak your information to any ISPs. With RitaVPN, you can confidently share your opinion online without the fear of being tracked by the government. RitaVPN encrypts your data directly from your phone to the website, bypassing your ISP in the process. You can be sure to have complete anonymity whenever you surf the internet with RitaVPN.

RitaVPN utilizes the CA authentication system (asymmetric key certificate system). The most significant advantage of the asymmetric key system is its distinctly unusual security. It offers a 1024-bit asymmetric cryptographic algorithm and fosters VPN technology of the application layer on the network protocol stack. Additionally, the MD5 data encryption algorithm is employed in the transmission process to preserve the integrity of the data.

In some instances, countries of jurisdiction may require that VPN service providers keep logs of clients’ activities, timestamp, and traffic reports. managed by Weikawen Technology Limited, which was established in 2017 in HongKong, RitaVPN is a trustworthy VPN for you. You can use it to encrypt your traffic and break VPN blocking.

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