Private Browsing is Not Really Private

Private browsing mode has many use cases. For example, you can use it to log in multiple social network, email or bank accounts at the same time or surprise someone with a gift or vacation plans. Private browsing will hide your activities.

How to activate private browsing? It varies depending on the browser you’re using. Below are instructions for 4 popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.  

Chrome: Control/⌘ + Shift + N 

Firefox: Control/⌘ + Shift + P

Internet Explorer: Control + Shift + P

Safari: ⌘ + Shift + N 

However, your online activities can still be monitored by others even if you are using private browsing. Who is still tracking you online? Let’s continue.   

Private browsing will clear your browsing and search history once you close your private window. But it won’t prevent your ISP from tracking your web activities like where you’ve been online and how much time you’ve spent on each website. Private browsing only stops other users on your local computer or mobile device from accessing your browsing history. Your ISP and websites you visit can still monitor your online travels because they know your true IP address. So, they have access to all your browsing activity pretty much no matter what you do.

In addition, when you are in private browsing mode, not only your ISP and the websites you visit can track you but also the government can see what you do online.  

What you’ve done online is still visible to them. To fully mask your online activity, you will need other security tools like Tor or VPN to protect your privacy online. A VPN establishes an encrypted tunnel to transfer your traffic data between you and the server. In order to shield your web activity from spying eyes, you should choose a reliable VPN like RitaVPN. It will do its best to ensure your security and privacy when you surf the Internet.

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