Is Hotel WiFi Safe?

Most of us connect to the hotel WiFi as soon as we arrive at the hotel. It is true that internet access provided by hotel WiFi is very convenient for customers to check email, flight and watch videos. But most hotel networks are completely unsecured. The risks associated with using a hotel network are much greater than when using a wireless network at home or in the office. 

In fact, most hotels separate their guest WiFi networks from their employee Wi-Fi network. For example, guests typically receive a set of standard user privileges that are more restrictive than the user privileges of hotel staff and hotel management. While the worst vulnerability of a guest WiFi network is “open”.  

Absolutely, a guest WiFi is more vulnerable to cyber attacks due to its nature. Also, hotel networks are very lucrative targets for cybercriminals.

MITM Attacks

Owing to the lower security level, hotel WiFi is easier for cybercriminals to perform an MITM attack. They can monitor and modify your data traffic by putting a man-in-the-middle attack between you and the WiFi hotspot.

Unencrypted Internet Connection

Just as its name implies, your connection to hotel free WiFi is not encrypted. Thus, all your information sent through the tunnel between you and the hotel network and your online activities are visible to others. They don’t need to use specific techniques to decrypt it.  

Malicious WiFi

Sometimes, you may connect to a malicious WiFi because it has a name similar to that of the official one. This WiFi router that transmits your data traffic is under the control of somebody else you don’t know. Then, you are at the risk of being a victim of cyber attacks. The owner of the WiFi can access and modify your data.

Hotels Monitor Their WiFi

It is possible that hotels may monitor their networks. They are able to know what websites you visit and how much time you spend browsing the Internet. The employee of the hotel also has access to the WiFi and see what you do when using this network.

In conclusion, connect to hotel WiFi is harmful to your own privacy. If you want to stay secure on a hotel WiFi, install a trustworthy VPN like RitaVPN to your device.

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