Increasing Risks of Online Shopping

Nowadays, online shopping is extremely convenient, fast and accessible from any connected devices. With Internet connection, you can look for the products you want online at home and make a comparison among various online stores. After a few clicks, you can get get the product you purchases only in a few days. However, the Internet is also useful for attackers because it offers them multiple ways to get easier access to your personal information. And they can use it to make their own purchase or sell it to third parties. Online shoppers are increasingly at risk. Today we inform you about the risks of online shopping.


Online attackers try to steal personal information from consumers by misleading them that a website or email comes from a legitimate source. For example, attackers mimic trustworthy websites to send emails with malicious links that can easily steal your private data. If you are not aware of this kind of attack, you are likely to fall into their traps.  


Scammers will sell fake products to you. They also conduct credit card fraud by showing you a similar payment page which is designed to steal your credit card or bank account details. Your money will be stolen by them if they get full access to your financial accounts. 

Malware and Viruses

In addition, they typically spread malware and viruses to you by compromising the website where you buy products or by sending malicious emails. They aim to collect your personal information and further infringe your privacy.

Fake Online Retailer

Fake online retailers try to trick customers into buying counterfeit or non-existent products. Their stores are similar to the official ones so that you will fall into their tricks easily.

Many of you may have suffered from one or more of these kinds of attacks. We kindly recommend that you take action to prevent you from becoming a victim of these risks. Such as installing a well-trusted VPN to your device. Most good VPNs offer free VPN downloads.

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