How to Unblock Hulu with the Best VPN?

unblock hulu

Hulu is a US-based online streaming service that relies on a user subscription model. It is definitely the service for those who prefer instant gratification as Netflix keeps subscribers waiting a year before seeing new seasons of shows. Hulu is a paid service, which means that you must first sign in to access the online video library. 

However, Hulu content is available only to US Internet users. If you try to access it with a foreign IP address, you will receive an error message. So you should always sign up for a VPN service with dedicated IP address VPN services in the United States.  

According to our guide on unblocking websites, Hulu is easily accessible outside of the US using a VPN. With a VPN at your side, you can escape geographic restrictions and unblock the streaming service from anywhere. 

But Hulu now blocks connections from popular VPN servers along with many other online streaming services and has turned off hundreds of IP addresses. 

A Hulu VPN is a great way to unlock the service. You need to get the best Hulu VPN to connect to its US servers rather than a random VPN.

We recommend RitaVPN as the best VPN for Hulu. RitaVPN comes with its US VPN servers, which allow you to unlock a variety of content providers in the US, including Hulu. It still works very well after Hulu’s VPN ban.

Besides, it helps to anonymize your traffic, which is of great value at a time when governments, corporations and copyright trolls are increasingly interested in monitoring our online activity.  

Another added benefit of using RitaVPN for Hulu is that it also works on the major platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. 

For these reasons, RitaVPN is an easy choice for users who want to unlock Hulu from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is open the RitaVPN app, find a US server that you can connect to, and once connected, you can enjoy Hulu like a breeze. 

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