How To Save Money on Flights With a VPN? Best VPN for New Year Resolution 2020


New Year is coming, have you figured out your new year’s resolutions? Like travel to more countries? Traveling can cost quite a lot, and being able to save up some money is also very important, especially when it comes to flight tickets or hotels. Occasions like Christmas, New Year etc, flight price are increasing, so one of the solution is to y use a VPN to book a flight at a cheaper rate.

Why using a VPN to buy flights?

The price of international flights can varies from the location you are at. The difference varies from a couple of dollars to hundreds. It depends on the location you are at and the destination. However, being at the right place actually matters when you are buying flights. If you are planning for a holiday or a business trip but want to save money on the flights, before paying for them, why not spend some time checking out the price difference with a different IP address by using a VPN?

Steps to get cheaper flights with a VPN

1.Get a good VPN service

A good VPN (Virtually Private Network) can provide a number of servers and locations to choose. By locating your IP address in another country, it conceals your real IP address, so you are able to get access to the price that you may not get at home.

However, good VPNs cost, not only do they offer more location choices, but they are faster,here is why.(Why Should You Avoid Free VPNs?)

2.Delete all the cookies

When you are visiting airlines websites, the websites will track the cookies data on your devices. By getting the information from your browsing activities and your location, so they could find out your intention to target you as potential customers.

3.Turn off GPS

If your GPS(Global Positioning System) is on, there is no doubt that your location is easily to be traced. Turning it off before using a VPN to hunting for a cheaper price.

4.Connect to different servers on VPN

Finally, turn on the VPN. While browsing airlines websites, make sure you get enough price information in a couple of websites and connect to different servers with the VPN. In other words, this is like a “research” that needs more choices of servers located in different places. What’s more, when you are opening so many pages, you don’t want to use a free VPN that slowing you down, or else it makes it a more excruciating process for you.

RitaVPN – Best VPN of 2019

RitaVPN is a fast, low cost, no-log VPN provider, equipped with the strongest encryption AES-256 and OpenVPN protocols to encrypt your traffic between VPN servers and your devices. What’s more, with a killswitch, RitaVPN encrpyts your traffic all the time even if your VPN connection drops suddenly.

VPN Download 

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