How to Remove Exif Data from Your Photos?

How to Remove Exif Data from Your Photos

Exif information is important for both beginner and experienced photographers. It tells us when and where the photo was taken, what parameters and tools were used. But for the others, the Exif information for each photo contains some important personal information. If it is exploited by people with ulterior motives, they may cause great harm to individuals. Therefore, you should not only avoid leaving personal information on the Internet but also sharing photos that will reveal your personal information. Here are some ways to clear Exif information.

What information does Exif data contain?

When you take a photo with your mobile phone, Exif data that contains a lot of information is also added to the photo. Generally, Exif data includes:

  • Camera model and maker
  • GPS location
  • Copyright information
  • The date and time that you took the photo.
  • Camera settings like focal length, ISO speed, white balance, shutter speed, aperture, and lens type.

How to clear Exif data from your photos?

Windows file explorer

Your Windows computer allows you to get rid of Exif data with ease. You can do the following steps to view and edit the Exif info of your photo.

  • Locate the photo you are going to remove the Exif data.
  • Right-click the photo.
  • Scroll down to “Properties”.
  • When the properties window appears, click on “Details”.
  • You will see tons of information for the photo, including resolution, exposure time and so on.
  • At the bottom of this properties window, click on “Remove Properties and Personal Information”.
  • Then, you will be asked whether to create a copy of this photo with all possible properties removed. You can also choose the other option to remove properties from the original file. In this option, you are also allowed to select the properties you want to clear.
  • Once you finish deleting all properties of this photo, you won’t see any personal information in its properties window.

Third-party apps

Although you can remove the Exif data easily with the help of the Windows file explorer, you may suffer failures sometimes. So, you should turn to third-party apps for help. There are many apps on the market that help you clear Exif data in just a few clicks. For example, ViewExif for iOS users. You can find the best one for you by yourself.

In conclusion, it is advised to remove the Exif info before you send a photo to others, even to your friends or families. You should be careful with your personal information while surfing on the Internet. You would be safe and anonymous online if you connect to a VPN.

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