How to Prevent Your Home Security Camera from Being Hacked?

How to Prevent Your Home Security Camera from Being Hacked

Nowadays, many people have smart cameras in their homes. With a smart camera, you can see what’s happening at your home at anytime from anywhere by installing an app on your phone. Thus, you will know whether the elderly at home alone is safe, whether the babysitter takes good care of your children, whether your home is broke into by someone else, and so on.

You are using the home security camera to keep an eye on what’s happening at your home. However, due to the careless selection of products or improper installation places, you may get involved in unexpected troubles. Once your camera gets hacked, your life will be broadcast online.

It is terrible that you even don’t know your personal life is exposed to others. In order to prevent your home security camera from being hacked, we recommend you adopt our tips below.

How to choose a camera?

  • Brand and price

When choosing a camera for home, you must take the brand and price into consideration. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the higher the cost, which means a higher level of safety. At the same time, some well-known brands are better than small brands in technology, after-sales service and other aspects.

  • Encryption technology

Although there is no absolutely secure data, multiple encryptions can undoubtedly improve user security.

  • Secondary password

At present, a number of cameras allow you to add a secondary password to the APP. When you try to access the camera on the app, you need to enter the secondary password, which makes your camera more secure.

How to use a camera?

  • Avoid monitoring the private area

Many users have exposed their private lives by installing cameras in private locations such as their bedrooms. Therefore, users should try to avoid installing the camera in any private area.

  • Cover the camera when there is someone at home

This is the safest and most effective way to secure your camera. It’s somewhat troublesome but used by many celebrities such as Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Don’t share your camera with others

Many privacy invasions are also caused by unconscious sharing. So, you should avoid sharing your camera with anyone else.

  • Use a complex password

Try to create hard-to-crack passwords and avoid using the same passwords for multiple devices.

The safety of your camera is very important. Besides, you should also pay attention to your safety while you are online. Thus, a VPN is necessary for you to browse websites safely and anonymously.

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