How to Create a Strong Password

There are lots of people who create a good password once and then use variations of it. This is also a relatively bad idea because if one of your accounts is hijacked, others can fall like dominoes.   

Some hackers try to hack into your accounts with the aid of your personal information that they already know, such as phone number, birthday, address, etc. They use this information to guess your password. 

While some hackers can try to gain access to your password by a password cracker. By using brute force, a password cracker continuously uses different combinations until the password is cracked and accessed. If your password is a common word, it could be a simple hack. The less complex and shorter your password, the faster the tool can create the right combination of characters. 

Thus, it is strongly recommended that you use truly unique and secure passwords for all your accounts. Creating a strong password that is long and complex can be hard to remember. The best strong password is easy to remember and hard to crack for hackers. Luckily, there are some tricks you can follow to create good passwords. 

The first trick is to create longer passwords. The more characters you use, the harder it is for hackers to crack your password. 

Then, try to make it complex but easy to remember for you. The best way to create a hard-to-crack password is to think of a sentence, which you can easily remember, and transfer it into code. Think of a catchy phrase first. It can be words from your favorite quote, poem or song or even your favorite food. 

For better encryption, create a password by using only the first letter of each word or removing the vowel of the sentence.

There is one more rule you have to remember: DO NOT create your password with your information that is accessible to others or any information that could be forgotten easily.

Follow all the above rules to create a strong password, especially if you sync your data. To fully protect your accounts, you need extra security tools like a VPN service.

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