Can I Subscribe to Disney Plus in India without a VPN?

Can I Subscribe to Disney Plus in India without a VPN?

The online streaming service, Disney Plus, is coming. Unfortunately, fans outside the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand won’t be able to access Disney Plus.

It was announced by Disney that Disney Plus will not only bring users a library of the existing content but also a lot of original content. Besides, Disney Plus is an all-subscription platform with no advertising. You can download all the content on it and watch the downloaded videos when you are offline.

If you want to stream Disney Plus outside the above countries after its launch, such as India, you need to purchase the Disney Plus subscription with a VPN. VPN services not only make your traffic data unreadable to others during transmission but also assign you a new IP address. With a new IP address from your VPN, you can pretend to be at a different location. Connecting to a Canada server shows that you are in somewhere of Canada. Then, you will find that you can subscribe to Disney Plus that is available in Canada.

In addition to using a VPN, there are other ways that help you subscribe to Disney Plus in India.


Tor is a free open source software that lets you remain anonymous online. When you surf the Internet with the Tor browser, your traffic is randomly routed through a network of servers before it reaches the final destination. Thus, your online activity is harder for others to identify.

Your IP address will be changed to that of the exit nodes. By default, the exit node shall be chosen randomly from any country. You can also adjust the settings to select exit nodes from certain countries. Therefore, subscribing to Disney Plus from India becomes very easy with the Tor browser.


Designed to unblock websites, Shadowsocks is a proxy that is based on SOCKS5. SOCKS5 proxy passes your data request through a connection between you and the proxy server which forwards your request to the destination. When you try to access Disney Plus with Shadowsocks, your request will be thought to be legitimate by Disney Plus.

Although both Tor and VPNs perform similar functions, they are different things. A VPN offers safeguards to users’ privacy, while a Tor allows users to communicate anonymously. Shadowsocks is good at disguising the traffic as normal HTTP / SOCKS traffic so that it is difficult to detect. You can choose either of them to access Disney Plus according to your needs.

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