Black Friday: How to Stay Safe When Shopping Online?

Black Friday How to Stay Safe When Shopping Online

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The annual shopping carnival Black Friday is about to start. Consumers can’t wait to get many discounts from online retailers. While online retailers are eager to get numerous orders from consumers. However, many hackers and fraudsters are also ready to steal money from all of you with various traps. If you don’t want your property to be compromised by them, we suggest you learn how to stay safe when shopping online during Black Friday.

Keep away from phishing scams

Phishing scams are commonly used by hackers to steal your personal data. It could be a phishing email, website or message. Once you are tricked into sharing your personal details or bank details, you will fall into a victim to phishing scams. Thus, it is extremely essential to raise your awareness of these risks on the Internet.

Cash on delivery

In most cases, payment is made in advance. Cash on delivery (COD) means that you pay for the product at the time of delivery. This effectively prevents online retailers from tricking you into making a payment for the good but not delivering the goods to you.

Be aware of public WiFi

Avoid using public WiFi, especially when you are entering confidential information, such as bank card details. When you connect to the public WiFi, you don’t know who is the WiFi owner. Not only the WiFi owner but also anyone using the same WiFi can get access to your device with ease. So, your private data on the device will be in danger.

Choose websites with a return policy

Most reliable websites have a return policy. In case you find the product is not what you want when you receive it, you can get a refund by the return policy. You can also exchange the item if it is not the right size.

Virtual Private Network

You can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while shopping as this will protect all your information passing through the network. RitaVPN is one of the best VPN services which encrypts all of your personal data and provides you online security against hackers and data packet sniffers. However, you should stop signing into those sites which collect your personal details including the bank details and store your credit card details.

Dont deposit too much money into your account

In case your account is compromised, you shouldn’t deposit too much money into it. As long as the money in it is enough to make your online orders, you don’t need to deposit money into it.

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