8 Tips to Protect Your Privacy on the Internet

Protect Your Internet Privacy

“How to protect privacy” seems to be an endless topic. As we become increasingly dependent on the Internet, surfing the web has also revealed a lot of private information that is closely related to our real identity. In the era of big data, how can we avoid privacy disclosure?

There are 8 basic tips for you to protect your privacy on the Internet.   

  • Proxy

You can use Shadowsocks and other proxies to mask your real IP address with another one. This is usually used to unblock websites to access region-blocked content. You are able to stream videos and watch sports live at a fast speed. More importantly, proxies offer browser plug-in and apps that work on mobile devices and desktops. There is no limit when you use a proxy to surf the Internet.  

The downside is that your traffic data is not encrypted. That is to say, your sensitive information is still vulnerable to criminals and hackers. To encrypt your traffic data, please keep on reading and go to tip 2.

When you use a VPN while browsing websites, there will be a VPN tunnel that protects your requests and data from being intercepted by hackers. You don’t need to worry about sensitive information disclosure. Besides, you can also change your IP to unblock websites.

VPN services are really helpful and convenient for Internet users to stay secure and private on the Internet. You can enjoy fast and convenient services online as well as high-level security protection with the best VPN.

  • Tor

Now that we’ve talked about using a proxy or VPN to protect your privacy, you can also use the Tor network to stay anonymous online. Your IP address is masked and your information travel across the Internet is encrypted. The biggest advantage of Tor is that it allows you to realize the ultimate anonymity on the Internet. If you use the Tor network, your real IP address is extremely difficult to be found out. Unlike VPN services, you don’t need to pay a subscription fee to use the Tor network. This is another big advantage of Tor.

But it also has its drawbacks. Using the Tor network will slow down your Internet connection because your information with multi-layer encryption is sent through several Tor servers.

It is often recommended to combine a VPN with the Tor. You can have a try.

  • Always visit websites that are protected by SSL/TLS certificates

Whenever you visit a website, check if it supports SSL/TLS certificates. To put it simply, SSL/TLS certificates add an “s” to HTTP. An HTTP site is less secure than an HTTPS site because the latter provides encryption to your traffic passes through the site. In this way, hackers cannot read and modify the information sent between you and the website.

In addition, you should blacklist certificates that you don’t trust. By following this tip, you can prevent yourself from being attacked by others in most cases.

  • Keep your software and operating system up to date

Make sure you’ve got the latest version of all apps on your device. It is often the case that the manufactures release new versions that will fix some exposed vulnerabilities or improve user experience and security. Sometimes, it has little impact on you if you keep on using the old version. Maybe you cannot use new functions included in the new version or get better services. However, if someone else exploits a vulnerability in an app of the old version, you will suffer big losses. Thus, you should form a good habit of checking your apps and operating systems for updates regularly.

  • Check the file after you finish downloading

Every time you download important files, you should test the security of these files through MD5 or SHA-1. Because the file you get may not the one you want. Others may modify the file you want to download. If you are not sensitive to such kind of tricks, you can easily get hacked when downloading files. This is especially essential while you are downloading torrents. As we are not able to check what is in a torrent before we finish downloading, chances are good that we get a torrent modified by others for malicious purposes.

Want to download torrents securely? You can follow our instructions in this article. We can also help you if you want to speed up your torrent downloads.

  • Hide your typing habits on the Internet

When you post on a social website, we suggest you type the post locally, copy it and then paste it in the input box. Because some sites can find your true identity by recording your input habits.

  • Enable full-disk encryption

What to do if you lost your phone? Since you’ve already set a strong passcode for your phone, you may take it easy because you think others cannot get easy access to your phone. That is absolutely wrong. To prevent them from accessing your disk and stealing your information, you should enable full-disk encryption.

Android phones allow users to encrypt their devices. For Mac users, you can turn on “FileVault”. Windows users have a “Bitlocker” tool to encrypt the disk. While the “lock screen password or PIN” can also protect your iOS devices. It is easy for you to encrypt your devices so that it is impossible for others to access your sensitive information even if you lost your devices.

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