5 Tips for Safer Passwords

Default passwords can often lead to serious data breach and be easily exploited by hackers. But default passwords are helpful in decreasing support calls from users. Make sure you have changed the default passwords of your accounts. This article is going to tell you 5 tips for safer passwords.

  1. Change password regularly to shield your privacy from potential hackers. Scheduling password changes according to a set schedule becomes a routine practice. For the router, some experts recommend changing the password every 30 to 90 days. Some users may create a strong password that passes the site security test and choose to use that password over and over again. 
  2. DO NOT use the same passwords for multiple accounts. A recent survey found that 91 percent know that using the same passwords for multiple accounts poses a security risk, but 59 percent use the same password most of the time or always. However, if a hacker gets access to a password that is used for multiple accounts, he has access to much, much more, of your information. 
  3. If you change an account password, avoid using a previous password again. If a user account has previously been knowingly or unknowingly compromised, re-using a password may result in this user account being compromised again. If a password has been shared for any reason, re-using this password may allow an unauthorized user to gain access to your account. 
  4. Passwords should not be transmitted or shared with others unless the user has the appropriate authority to do so. If it is necessary to distribute passwords in writing, appropriate measures must be taken to protect the password from unauthorized access. For example, after saving the password, you must destroy the written record. When verbally sending a password to an authorized person, take steps to ensure that the password is not tapped by unauthorized persons.
  5. For password known to others have the appropriate authority to access this account, it should always be changed if someone who knows the password terminates the authorized access to this account.

Knowing these tips to make your password safer, you can also use a VPN to ensure the security of your accounts. Windscribe, RitaVPN, Turbo VPN and PureVPN are reliable VPNs providing privacy protection for you.

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