5 Reasons to Use Private Mode

The private mode is used to remove local data in the web browser session, which means that any cookies that a website tries to upload to your computer are blocked or deleted, no browsing history is recorded in your local device, and other various third-party trackers, temporary files, and toolbars are disabled.

Although private mode has limitations, there are 5 reasons to use private mode.

Sign in to multiple accounts

You can set up different browser “profiles” to switch between e-mail accounts within a browser. However, the quickest and easiest way to achieve this is by using private mode.  

It comes in handy when a friend comes to visit and has to check his / her email account on your computer without logging out of your account. Just open a private window, browse your box, and close the window.

Gift purchase

If you buy a gift for the one who has access to your device, the recipient may stumble upon your gift completely by accident. Using private mode can avoid this. Websites you visit in private mode will not be saved in the browser history so that the recipient won’t know your gift purchase.   

Watch YouTube

YouTube tracks all your activities on the platform. In this way, YouTube can provide users with recommended content based on their viewing habits. To prevent this from happening, just visit YouTube in a private window.

Use public computer

Surfing the Internet in private mode can help protect your privacy, especially when you’re using a public computer. Even if you’ve forgotten to log out of a service after you finish using it, the sign-in cookie will be deleted when you close the private window to prevent anyone from accidentally or maliciously accessing your account.

For serious business

Apart from having fun on the Internet, users may need to use the Internet for serious business. For example, looking for information about divorce, health problems, mental health problems and so on. In this condition, they want the utmost privacy.

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